M7 Osberstown Bridge, Naas, Dublin

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Deemed one of the busiest stretches of road in Ireland, the M7 was the next stage for S Evans & Sons to showcase their skillset and capabilities! Navigating from Limerick to Dublin, the M7 has more than 80,000 cars pass over its tarmac each day; selecting the finest demolition contractor for the project was key. The results showed that S Evans & Sons really were the right choice.

The project was carried out 36 hours ahead of schedule, with zero incidents. The demolition was carried out safely and efficiently thanks to careful planning and preparation by our project team, this coupled with a dedicated and meticulous site team ensured the demolition was a resounding success.

Below is a timeline of highlights from the demolition works that was carried out in record time.

Saturday 30th March

0100 – SIAC Colas JV handed possession of the motorway over to S Evans & Sons to begin the works, 2No. 7t excavators begun the installation of the road protection system.

0300 – The team of demolition spec excavators where in position and began the demolition works. The machines consisted of 1No. 90t, 4No. 50t, 2No. 35t excavators equipped with attachments such as Concrete Crackers, Pulverises, Breakers, Selector Grabs and Buckets.

0700 – The bridge spans where completely demolished leaving minor sections of the abutments and piers to be demolished. The Osberstown Bridge was no more!

0800 – A team of 8 wheel tipper wagons arrived on site ready for the removal of all concrete arisings to our compound off site which would be crushed to type 6f2 for recycling during normal working hours.

0900 – S Evans & Sons second shift took over. They quickly and seamlessly took the reigns and continued with the demolition and full site clearance.

2100 – Fast forward 12 hours and the abutments and piers have been demolished in their entirety, as well as 75% of all the demolition arisings cleared from site.

2200 – The street sweeper arrived on site 24hrs ahead of schedule and began with the clearing of the minute concrete debris in anticipation of the motorway reopening.

2300 – S Evans & Sons handed back the motorway to SIAC Colas JV and they began with reinstalling the road safety barriers.

0000 – The Demolition was complete! And the road was reopened 36 hours ahead of schedule!

This Demolition project gathered a lot of interest both in Ireland and in the UK, it has been addressed and praised in local newspapers and other various media outlets.

This has been a project we have particularly enjoyed being a part of and look forward to future works in Ireland.


  • 10No. Demolition Spec Excavators
  • Dust Supression
  • CAD Drawings for the Demolition Sequencing
  • Hardwood Timber Matting For Road Protection
  • Demolition Complete Within 24 Hours