Hochtief, Highbury Corner

London 2019

Christmas Day demolition

Two bridges spanning underground and overround railway lines in central London were safely demolished on Christmas Day 2017, thanks to the expertise of our team.

Using four 50ft excavators in tandem, the team worked day and night on alternating shifts to compete the work on time and without damage to the Network Rail’s infrastructure.

The project was not without its challenges, which included just 24 hours to complete the work and the need to navigate heavy plant and equipment into central London, as well as to remove more than two thousand tonnes of demolition arisings one the work was complete. The high-profile project was delivered on time and without accident or injury.


“The team is thoroughly invested in rail safety culture and it’s particularly evident in their approach to pre-construction planning and their innate ability to develop alternative demolition strategies to de-risk and accelerate the possession working. From start to finish they were focused on getting the job done to the highest professional standards and were unphased by the challenges faced late into the project.”

Steve Turner – Project Manager