Think Safe
Be Safe

Our commitment to health and safety comes from the very top. It is evident at every level of our organisation and in every aspect of our work. Led by our dedicated in-house health and safety officers, we audit our integrated management system, safety performance and demolition sites on a regular basis and have created a culture where positive health and safety behaviours are second nature to our team.

Our innovative Think Safe Be Safe campaign works in tandem with the hazard card system and encourages employees and the supply chain to report concerns, share best practice and foster responsible attitudes in the workplace. By adopting a back-to-basics approach, which has included retraining all workers in core skills, we are maintaining the highest levels of HSE competence and diligence.

We hold ISO 14001, 19001 and 18001 and have passed stringent third party audits from organisations such as RISQS, with zero non-conformities. We firmly believe that by implementing effective health and safety behaviours and systems at all levels of the business, we can create an injury and incident free work environment and ensure our team gets home safe, each and every day.