Chart Leacon Former Train Depot Demolition Completion

26th April 2021

Chart Leacon Former Train Depot Demolition Completion

– September 2020 – March 2021

S Evans & Sons started on the former train depot site in September 2020, the site has since undergone full demolition and slab removal where the former Chart Leacon Train Depot and associated structures once stood.

The super structure and surrounding buildings where demolished down to slab level and all waste disposed of offsite and recycled were possible, once cleared the team began the breaking out of the concrete slab and crushing the material.

A total of 13,343.2m3 of concrete was crushed, using the crush the team levelled the whole site and all surplus crush was stockpiled and left for the client to reuse.

 Another great effort from the S Evans & Sons Team completing the works with no injuries or incidents and to the client’s satisfaction.

Works commenced on Chart Leacon Train Care Depot
Chart Leacon Train Depot 33
Chart Leacon Train Depot 18
Chart Leacon Train Depot 31
Chart Leacon Train Depot 35