Widnes 2018

Emergency fire-damaged building demolition

When a large brick and steel framed building with a fibreglass roof caught fire in Widnes, we were on site quickly to assist the Fire Brigade, begin the removal of fire damaged waste, support the fire investigation team and plan for the required demolition.

While the team was busy with the early stages of site clean-up, the project management team compiled a detailed plan including 3D CAD sequencing of how to demolish the structure, building slab and adjoining building in a safe and economical manner. Special consideration was also given to high-value plant equipment located beneath the building, which had to be protected throughout the works.

Using specialist high-reach demolition machinery, an experienced team and technical hot works, the building was safely and methodically demolished, processed and removed from site for recycling.

Much of the building’s ducting was safely dismantled and protected ready for re-use. The team was also commissioned to grub up and expose the foundations ready to make way for the new building.

This highly technical project was carried out with care, precision and zero accidents, which resulted in a highly satisfied client.

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